2 / 3 DEC UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY. BE GREAT. A 2-Day Cinematic Journey into Movie Making, Videography, VFX and 3D Magic
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Welcome to GREATIVITY 2023!

Join the premier gathering of artists and creatives from the fields of computer graphics, animation, visual effects, film production, and gaming to embark on a visionary journey. We have crafted an extraordinary conference that will take you on a visionary journey through the entire process of bringing your video and computer graphics ideas to life, from inception to flawless execution. Explore the latest tech wonders, absorb wisdom from industry titans, and unleash boundless creativity.


Join us now and become a part of this unparalleled experience in the realm of video production. Explore our program and secure your spot today!
John Atanasoff Forum, Sofia Tech Park

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Registration Opening
Every detail tells a story Peter KP Co-founder, BUBU Studio Director
High level photo realistic Nikola Simeonov VFX Supervisor Rocket Science VFX
Navigating the VFX world Dana Badzhakova VFX Artist
XR+AI: The Spark Dimo Chotrov Head of VAR Lab CTO at Metasim
AI-Animation Odyssey Zlatka Uzunova Head of ART at VAR Lab and Metasim
Creative process Viktor Radulov Head of Compositing at MPC
Cinematic Language Alexander Kartsov Co-founder, BUBU Studio Cinematographer
Quality of sounds Valeri Matsanov Chief audio engineer at radio and TV shows
The Paramount Pre-Production Joanna Valeri Executive and VFX Producer
Environment art in games Ognian Bonev Lead Environment Artist 5by5 Interactive
Landscape and assets texturing Biserka Georgieva Senior texture artist Creative Assembly Sofia
Creative Process in Unreal Francis Ghersci Director at Stargate Studios Malta
Presentation of projects Competition


At our upcoming event, audiences will have the unique opportunity to delve into the world of cinema through the lens of seasoned experts. Our distinguished panel of lecturers boasts an impressive collective experience, with a remarkable portfolio of films that spans both recent blockbusters and timeless classics.

Additionally, attendees will explore AI, VR, and game development, uncovering the interconnections in today's creative landscape. The event promises a captivating exploration of the synergies between cinema and cutting-edge technologies.

Peter KP

Telling stories is at the heart of everything I've done for the past 24 years in this industry. It was a surprise to me, considering my background in programming and engineering since my school days. I spent the first years of my career doing visual effects for commercials and later directing them. Now I work mainly on films, but no matter where my focus is, I always come back to how important the story is. Sometimes it is a dramatic turn of events, emotional ending, a small and insignificant detail, the light or inspiring epic music. Еach of these tells its own story. That's why I think it's good to try to tell something good with a little bit of fire...

Viktor Radulov

Head of Compositing at MPC.
With over 18 years in the VFX industry, Viktor’s worldwide experience and deep understanding of the creative process make him an expert in compositing. Most recently, Viktor oversaw the compositing team on Michael Mann’s biopic Ferrari, working on the climactic crash sequence. Viktor also recently wrapped Amblin’s feature film The Last Voyage of the Demeter as Compositing Supervisor. He also worked on large-scale VFX-driven films such as Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu amongst many other.

Nikola Simeonov

VFX Supervisor
With over 22 years in the movie production industry.
Started in the SFX domain,
and for the last 20 years focused in the area of VFX,
working on high level photo realistic feature films, and tv. ads,
Master degree - Poster & Visual communication at National Academy of Arts - Sofia, Bulgaria

Ognian Bonev

Lead Environment Artist
Born in Sofia, BG, lives in Austin, TX, USA
He has been working in the Game Development industry for 20 years, dealing with Environment Art
Worked as Environment, Senior & Lead Environment Artist at studios such as: Haemimont Games, Ubisoft, Bioware/EA, Certain Affinity
Currently working as Lead Environment Artist at 5by5 Interactive / GALA Games
Worked on projects / franchises such as: Star Wars, Call of Duty, DOOM, Halo, Harry Potter, New World, World Of Tanks, Rayman Raving Rabbits and others

Francis Ghersci

Francis is a seasoned director with over a decade of experience at Stargate Studios Malta. He has directed a wide range of projects, including commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and educational films. He's also worked on notable TV series and feature films. Francis is a multi-talented professional, excelling as a director, editor, cinematographer, sound designer, scriptwriter, and producer. His expertise extends to virtual cinematography and storytelling as an Unreal Engine artist. Currently, he serves as the Head of Creative and Content at Stargate Studios Malta, where he leads creative teams and drives innovation in content creation.

Joanna Valeri

Executive and VFX Producer at Bubu Studio. The background of a "Film and TV Editing" Bachelor's degree at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts and a "Producing and Creative Industry" Master's at Sofia University enhanced my broader point of view towards filmmaking from the start. As a professional with over 10 years of experience, I believe in the effectiveness of the constant switch between detailed point of view and focus on the bigger picture. In an industry which is both artistic and technical, skillset is vital, but equally vital are problem solving, being flexible yet firm, and making people feel appreciated - as this is first and foremost a team effort. And all of that whilst staying on a budget and ensuring the vision gets correctly executed at the end.

Alexander Kartsov

Alexander Kartsov is a co-founder and Cinematographer at Bubu Studio, with more than 18 years of experience in the production and post-production industry. He has shot commercials for brands such as Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, Pepsi, Lactalis President, Philips, Canon and many others. His technical and VFX experience expands his cinematic techniques even more, and makes him a modern and reliable cinematographer in every project. His passion for storytelling shines through in every project, and he has a keen eye for aesthetics in every detail. He finds inspiration in art, music, photography, architecture, and every human experience that can be a good story to tell.

Biserka Georgieva

Senior texture artist
Hello everyone, I'm Bis.
I work in the gaming industry.
Nearly 20 years on the environmental front
create textures and 3D assets
for various projects -
Rome, Tropico, Troy, Pharaoh, etc.
Worked for Haemimont Games, Crytek Black Sea, Creative Assembly Sofia Studio.

Valeri Matsanov

Chief engineer at radio and tv production studios.
Integration and maintaining professional broadcast equipment and infrastructure including sound systems, cameras, video/audio matrix, mixers, microphones, speakers, projectors, etc. Supervising tech and creative teams through day to day events. Planning and scheduling tasks. Responsible for clarity, and overall quality of sounds and images broadcast and record on radio and television. Configure and troubleshoot AV systems to meet the specific requirements of each event; Significant events and productions: UEFA Champions League; UEFA EQ; Bulgarian Parliament and Presidential elections; Realiti formats (X-factor, Music academy, Big Brother, The Mole, TV7 tour, Hell’s kitchen).

Dimo Chotrov

Currently head of the VR Lab@TU-Sofia and VAR Lab @ SofiaTechPark, CTO@Metasim. Involved in R&D in XR since 2007, I've been looking for the added value of applying those technologies in various fields. I believe the best experts should be the ones teaching in universities and schools.

Dana Badzhakova

Dana's been a VFX artist at Bubu Studio for the last 4 years working on various projects, while she's finishing her bachelor's in Multimedia and Computer Graphics at New Bulgarian University. She specialises in pyro and RBD simulations, but she also has a passion for layout and problem solving.

Zlatka Uzunova

To inspire is my vocation.

I am the offspring of a mathematician with an aesthetic sense and an artist with an analytical mind. I tackled math problems during breaks and indulged in drawing for entertainment. These two profound realms of knowledge have always intertwined in my life. I sketched with light during my school years, then with a mouse, and now with AI.

I've been working in the CG field for over 20 years, and every day is an opportunity for continuous learning. To breathe life into my creations is my true dream.


The Theme is BRAVE

Welcome to the heart of competition at "GREATIVITY". Get ready to showcase your creative brilliance and innovation in an environment designed to inspire and challenge. This industry involves loads of teamwork, which is why our competition is all about working in teams. Remember to officially register your team.
Here's what you can anticipate:

Advance Task Briefing

To ensure fair play and allow teams to prepare their materials, competition tasks will be sent in advance. This gives you the opportunity to research, strategize, and craft your projects to perfection. 

Project requirements

Duration: 1min;  Resolution: Full  HD. Project can be Live Action or CGI, but if it is completely Live Action, it must have at least one CGI shot. Projects can be storydriven or abstract. Each project must have: color grading; storyboard; previz; AI elements, music - original or stock. Bonus points elements: Virtual Reality;  ACES color space; sound design;  original music; storyline.

Dedicated Team Arena

We have a dedicated arena where teams can collaborate and create. Share ideas, brainstorm, and bring your vision to life.

Mentorship Opportunities

As an added bonus, mentorship opportunities will be available to guide and support your teams. Expert mentors will provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the competition.

Utilize AI

In this competition, innovation is key. Make use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to enhance your projects and elevate your creative concepts. 

Integrate CG Masterfully

Challenge your team to seamlessly integrate computer graphics into your captured materials. The fusion of real-life footage and CG elements will be a key aspect of the competition.

Bonus Points for Virtual Reality

Take your projects to the next level by submitting them in the realm of virtual reality. Bonus points will be awarded for successfully realizing your project in this medium.

Showcase your Talent

This is your moment to shine. Your work will be evaluated by industry experts, and your creative genius will be on full display.

Compete for recognition in five distinct categories and awards: Idea, Cinematography, Directing, VFX Your creative skills will be put to the test, and excellence will be rewarded in all four categories including the GREAT project award.

GREAT 1000 lv. Creating a homogenous and meaningful project.
IDEA Experience Innovative and impactful concepts in response to the challenge.
DIRECTING Experience Outstanding contributions and skills in guiding and leading a creative project.
CINEMATOGRAPHY Experience Capturing and crafting visual storytelling through the lens.
VFX Experience Exceptional proficiency in creating and integrating visual effects.
REGISTRATION -for the competition-

Join the Competition: Gather your team, harness the power of AI and CG, hone your skills, and prepare for an artistic showdown. Register now and embark on this exciting journey. Each team must have a minimum participation of two people and a maximum of five. Each team must have a name and a logo. Each participant must be at least 18 years of age.

Team registration closes on 27.11.2023. This is also the date on which the theme of the audio-visual work will be announced. 

REGISTRATION - for the event -

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event

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